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About Me

HI I’M JERMAINE…I was born somewhere in the Bronx, and I decided to make Bronx NY my home. Yes, all of it. :)

I started photography when I was but a cub, unfortunately I did not take it seriously until my late 20s. I started out as a late bloomer, but I am passionate about my work, and I hope you can see that.

I enjoy spending time with my daughter, videogames, eating chocolate (who doesn’t), and trying out different lighting techniques. Oh, and I have been known to be a total slave for Almonds.

I have been published a few times, I hope that doesn’t stop. Through photography I am learning more about myself, to discover myself through interacting with others, something I’m not really known for doing. It has been quite the adventure with its ups and downs…but I’m still here. What can I say? I love it.

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